Ka Healing Workshops

Rev. Chris A. Cole will be conducting regular workshops teaching the Ka Healing Process.

Ka (Life-force) Healing derives from a combination of relaxation techniques, chakra balancing, energy healing (Qigong; Reiki; Huna & Ancient Egyptian) and sacred sound (AUM).  Instead of eastern symbology Indigenous mandalas are used to focus the mind.  Rev. Cole developed and practised the method and has taught others since 1985.

In short Ka Healing is a unique process combining the energy transference of Qigong and Reiki, knowledge of chakra balancing, colour therapy, sacred sound, positive affirmations and visualisation. It engages both the client and the practitioner in a process to facilitate self healing.

Ka Healing is a recognised modality with the International  Institute for Complimentary Therapists (ICCT).  As well Rev. Cole (Phd) is an Approved Training Provider,  being a Master Ka Healing Practitioner, with the ICCT.

The healing program involves  progressing through Beginners & Intermediate  I, II, III & IV. The course concludes with  a 4 day intensive with successful students being awarded a Practitioners Certificate. The Practitioners Certificate allows students to apply for accreditation with the IICT and take out insurance if desired.

For more information about the courses offered or individual Ka Healing sessions with Rev. Cole click on the relevant link.

Rev. Cole also  holds degrees in Psychology and is a Reiki Master.




7 8 9  October 2016


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